What will you learn?

Pregnancy is a time for gathering and sorting information as you transition into your roles as parents.

Sydney Birth[Ed] covers the range of information parents like you need to feel confident and ready as you prepare to meet your baby.

As well as understanding what to expect during labour and birth, you will gain key insights into comfort measures and ways to work with pain in labour. You will develop the tools you need to understand, discuss and adapt, whatever your birth brings.

You will learn all about newborns, caring for your baby, breastfeeding and feel confident and prepared to start your parenting journey.

Lesson plan:

Grow your baby and help them out.

  • Anatomy and physiology – get to know your body and the wonderful way it works together with your baby to nurture your baby inside and out, as well as how your baby journeys into world!
  • The world of hormones- understanding these message makers is the key to easing the discomfort of labour and working with your body for the best birth possible.
  • Warning signs, when to call you care provider.
  • Mindfulness and mental skills for calm and focus.

Skills for each stage.

  • Get to know each phase of labour from beginning to end and tools to help along the way.
  • Practical practice of all you learn
  • Get to know the medicine and pain relief options
  • Tools for support people

Expect the unexpected and great expectations.

  • Understand and navigate unexpected outcomes
  • Common interventions, what they are, why they are offered and how to figure out if they are right for you.
  • All about baby – newborn babies, newborn parents, and being ready for the ultimate love story.
  • Practical care and what to expect with your newborn in the first few weeks and months
  • Feeding, Breastfeeding and all the milky things.

Put it into Practice

  • Practice comfort measures
  • Becoming the parents you need to be – Birth as a rite of passage, identity and relationship changes
  • Birth plans and working with your birth team for the best outcome.
  • Role play common birth scenarios and feel ready for birth and postpartum.